„Hardware Info“ stabdo savo veiklą

Pagrindinis „Hardware Info“ variklis, Frank Evraardt, pranešė liūdną žinią apie gerai žinomo olandiško tech puslapio uždarymą. Nors pranešimas apie uždarymą yra gan ilgas, konkrečios priežasties dėl veiklos stabdymo nepateikiama, tačiau redakcijos komanda šiuo metu jungiasi su kita olandų svetaine Tweakers.net, kurioje taip pat skelbiamos naujienos ir apžvalgos. Abi svetainės priklauso „DPG Media“.

Hardware Information: End

[..] Today is the last day of editorial updates for Hardware Info. This article is written by me, Frank Everardt, with a heavy heart. Personally, I would love for this to continue for many more years. The driven team and exciting growth of this market have given me tremendous energy and inspiration. Thanks to this, I was able to lead this site 24/7 and write over 260 reviews this year. [..]

In 2016, the company became too popular for three tech enthusiasts, and Hardware Info was sold to Persegroup, now DPG Media. A year ago, an unfortunate fall put me out of commission for a few months. I still think about the many cards I got from all of you, including the one with duct tape: You could fix anything with it, even a franc. And yes, I have kept all your cards. Thanks again. It makes me shake as soon as I type this.

The years that followed were different. A small company like Hardware Info is different from a large organization like DPG Media with many great partners and reputable brands.

Since September 2021, I am again on the top of this site. We’ve worked on significant editorial improvements, and I’m incredibly proud of the team that made it possible. I also thank the many brands who supported us. With over 440 reviews and numerous background articles since March 2022, we have brought HWI back to its high standards. I am very thankful to everyone who contributed to this.

We are standing on the threshold of the New Year. First and foremost, I wish you a wonderful and healthy 2024. Unfortunately, now is the moment when the site will be shut down, and I will close the door on DPG Media. I will remain active in this market but not in this now-familiar brand and this now-familiar house.

Thank you once again,
Frank Everardt

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