„Intel“: 10 nm litografija mažiau produktyvi nei 14 nm ar 22 nm techprocesai

„Intel“ vyriausiasis finansininkas, George Davis, „Morgan Stanley‘s“ konferencijos metu atskleidė, ką visi žinome jau seniai: „Intel“ 10 nm litografija nėra labai gera. George Davis atvirai sako, kad 10 nm litografija nėra tokia produktyvi kaip buvo 14 nm ar net 22 nm litografija. Tuo pačiu bandoma nuraminti investuotojus tikinant, kad „Intel“ 7 nm litografijos era bus kur kas sėkmingesnė, o būsimas techprocesas siūlys daug geresnę spartą. Visa tai turi nutikti 2021 metų pabaigoje.

Iš tikro labai sunku pasakyti, kas turima omenyje sakant, kad 10 nm litografija nėra tokia produktyvi kaip prieš tai buvusios. Galbūt tai mažas spartos šuolis pereinant prie pažangesnio proceso, o gal ir galimybė gaminti sveikus lustus. Bet kokiu atveju aišku, kad 10 nm litografija yra nenusisekusi.


We are definitely in the 10m era and we launched Ice lake client at the end of last year. We have GPUs coming out -uh- a discrete GPU coming out this year. We have networking ASIC, obviously – at the end of the year. We have the server SKUs coming out on 10 -uh- interestingly and indicative of how we are approaching process technology going forward, we also have 10+ coming out this year.

And what we said is it is important to launch a new node as it is to launch intra node Improvement every year and so we will have we have our Tiger Lake client product coming out. It’s going to be on our 10+ node. And so I’ve been told by our client team that I’m not allowed to talk about how much incremental performance is going to come out of that. But there’s the idea is to have a step function moved without having to wait for 7nm in between those and we’ll be able to talk about that as – since it’s hard to find a conference where we’ve been able to talk about some of these things which we were planning on doing – but we’ll get the information out.

[incomprenhesible comments about 10nm from audience]

Yeah. Yeah, but they’re not they’re not gonna let me talk about it first.

You know the right people doing the hard work on the product will talk about [it] but so you know, I feel like we’re in that 10nm node era. It’s important that we’re continuing to see yield improvements rate-ably over the time period but as we said back in our analyst day in May of 19 look, this just isn’t going to be the best node that Intel has ever had it’s going to be less productive than 14 [nm], less productive than 22 [nm] but we’re excited about the improvements that we’re seeing and we expect to start the 7nm period and at a with a much better profile of performance over that starting at the end of 21.


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