„Sony“ parodė „PlayStation 5“ vidų (Video)

„Sony“ pagaliau parodė, kas slepiasi „PlayStation 5“ konsolės viduje. Visa tai parodyta video formatu, o mes galima pamatyti daug įdomių detalių apie naująją konsolę. „PlayStation 5“ konsolėje naudojamas skystas metalas, o „Sony“ net du metus tobulino būdą, kaip tą skystą metalą užtepti tinkamai.

Konsolė taip pat turi du plastmasinius dangčius, kuriuos galima nuimti, o įmontuoti dulkiu filtrai turėtų palengvinti nešvarumų valymo procesą. Video taip pat galime matyti montažinės plokštės dizainą. Ant montažinės plokštės yra AMD „Zen 2“/RDNA 2 lustas, 825 GB SSD ir 8 GB GDDR6 atminties.

PS5 yra aušinama 45 mm storo ventiliatoriaus, o šone yra dar vienas 120 mm ventiliatorius. Panaudotas dvigubo įputimo aušinimo dizainas. Radiatorius yra labai masyvus ir užima didžiąją dalį konsolės vidaus. „PlayStation 5“ taip pat turės 350 W maitinimo bloką, bet realių energijos sąnaudų „Sony“ nepatvirtino.

Priminsime, kad „PlayStation 5“ konsolės bus išleidžiamos lapkričio 12 dieną. Versija su Blu-ray diskų skaitytuvu kainuos 500 USD, o versija be jo – 400 USD.


„PlayStation 5“ pagrindinės savybės matytos video:

  • At 104mm wide, 390mm high, and 260mm deep, the size is larger than that of PS4, But resulting in a dramatic improvement in performance in terms of processing power and quietness.
  • The front has an USB Type-C port and a Type-A port with Hi-Speed USB support.
  • The rear side has two Type-A ports with SuperSpeed USB support, a LAN port, an HDMI port, and a power port.
  • The two rows on the front side are air vents.
  • The entire rear side is its exhaust port.
  • The white panels on both sides can be removed by the users themselves.
  • This is where the cooling fan is built in.
  • The fan is capable of drawing in a lot of air from both sides.
  • The PS5 has two dust catchers in these two locations.
  • The dust collected in the dust catcher can be vacuumed out through these two holes.
  • For future storage expansion, M.2 interface with PCIe 4.0 support is installed.
  • The console is equipped with a large 120mm diameter, 45mm thick, double-sided air intake fan.
  • This is the Ultra HD Blu-ray drive unit. The drive unit is completely covered with a sheet metal case and mounted with two layers of insulators to reduce drive noise and vibration when the discs spin.
  • The CPU has 8 cores and 16 threads and runs at up to 3.5 GHz.
  • The GPU is driven at up to 2.23 GHz and delivers 10.3 TFLOPS.
  • For its memory, we have installed 8 GDDR6 that delivers a maximum bandwidth of 448GB per second.
  • For its storage, we have utilized an onboard 825GB SSD instead of a HDD.
  • With the custom SSD controller, read speeds are as fast as 5.5GB per second at raw data transfer rates, which significantly reduces the load time of the game.
  • The PS5’s SoC is a small die running at a very high clock rate. This led to a very high thermal density in the silicon die, which required us to significantly increase the performance of the thermal conductor, also known as the TIM, that sits between the SoC and the heat sink.
  • The PS5 utilizes liquid metal as the TIM to ensure long-term, stable, high cooling performance.
  • We have spent over two years preparing the adoption of this liquid metal cooling mechanism.
  • PS5’s heatsink. Like PS3 and PS4, it uses a heat pipe. However, the shape and airflow have made it possible to achieve the same performance as a vapor chamber.
  • This is its power supply unit, rated at 350W.

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